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The Recalibration of the Human Being

The Recalibration of the Human Being Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It seems like only a moment ago that I told you there would be changes in the room, and I can feel them; the attribute of those from the other side of the veil is compassion. There are always questions, however. Some ask: “How do I know who is visiting me? I’m afraid of this or that, and when I channel and I open my mouth, I don’t know what’s going to happen. Do I allow any energy in the universe to pop in?” And we say to you, “Oh, how 3D of you to think that the angels standing around you would ever let that happen!” If it’s compassionate energy, it is from God. If it is not, it is from you. It’s that simple. Do not envision in your mind a plethora of dark energies waiting to pounce on you, for this is a manmade suggestion. You’ve humanized God so much that you’re not even sure when Spirit takes your hand.

Soul Fragmentation

Let tonight change that. It’s so difficult for me to explain soul fragmentation, for it sounds like a negative thing, but it’s beautiful. Know that wherever you go, you could call it what you wish, but there is an entourage with you. There are always three of you all the time, wherever you go. Oh, there are actually more, but three represents the main group. One of them is the higher self, which is your core. How can I explain the higher self? It is the core you. It is the part of you that vibrates higher. It is not above you, but rather it is in you, and this highervibrating you opens a portal that is a connection and a handshake to Spirit. And that’s you, so that’s number one.

Then there’s the conscious mind that represents the biological you. That is the second part. How many do you need for a group? Do you see? There are things about the quantum you that you have barely, barely gotten into, including the field eight meters wide around you. The Human Being is amazing.