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Be Happy—and Change the Energy of the World

Be Happy—and Change the Energy of the World Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

All right, Zoosh, greetings. Your world is in a phase where you are sort of sweeping out the corners. Many people believe that you are going through the time of Atlantis, but I think it is more complex. There are crosscurrents of not only timelines as described in previous books but also of the people, because they are waking up, you see.

People have more of their spirit energy, thus they have more capabilities to manifest. At times, this displays itself in ways that are upsetting because people feel overwhelmed by the complexity of their lives—having had many “time saving” devices added to their lives, which in fact actually use time, and the usual things that people do: work, organized play, romance, and raising children, of course, and other complexities. There are issues going on that create crosscurrents like a weave of complexity. Think about it. If a person, even one person, feels overwhelmed by his life, then because of his capacity to manifest, which is at about 20 percent of what you are able to do in your spirit form at this time, then the feeling of being overwhelmed will not only be present in his own life but also radiate around him as he goes on about his life.

So you have to ask yourself, how many people are feeling positive and buoyant versus the number of people who are upset, harassed, overwhelmed, angry, and so on. It depends really where you are in life to get the percentage, but the percentage is lopsided at the moment in the favor of people who are basically upset more of the time than they are happy. This is why for so many years, spirits, not unlike myself and others— including people who are in the counseling and sometimes psychological and other fields and professions as well as wellmeaning people—have been encouraging people to do this or that meditation or to think positive and so on, because it tends to create an opening in the life of someone, doesn’t it? So at least they have moments when they feel positive.