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What Is Love?

What Is Love? Michel through David Reid Lowell

Greetings this night. It is good to be with you. What would you ask of us, Michel, this night?

Michel, can you tell me about love?

Indeed. Love, to be loved, to find love, to know love, or love remised—here you are at this moment, thinking back about your life. One day, perhaps it is this day, you will find yourself thinking of yourself being slimmer, happier, and in love. At times, you will reflect. It will seem that yesterday was better than today, but here you are—now is your moment to begin. You will recall the time you felt the warmth of inspiration, the joy of endless hope, and the rapture of another who you knew at that one moment, and suddenly, you connected with that person who made you feel alive and full of purpose. It comes to all, that time. We, Michel, have spoken to you about being an authentic person, an individual who is not out to impress or be more than you are but just to be connected to who you are.

Regain Happiness

Minds drift like fallen autumn leafs that float through the air without direction and with vibrant color. Memories become companions that age well and always seem brighter than they were. Memories become selective. They are shaped by dreams that were forgotten and aspirations that were never met. When you sit quietly and open yourself to the echoes of the past, you can revisit with tender respect those moments that slipped by like melting winter ice, giving birth to an awaiting spring. There are memories that your heart clings to. Time has meaning, resentments, and frustrations, and yes, they all seemingly reinforce the reason why “it” didn’t work out. But here you are within your present life, and that place by the pond where you picnicked still exists. The place where you laughed over senseless things that only made sense to you still exists. With just that thought, you can regain that sensation of joy and oneness.