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The Portal to the Other-Dimensional Reality of Peace

Gilly Wilmot

Let us begin by thinking about the word "flow," about what it means, what it implies. How can this word open something in the soul? Flow is what is happening now — a flow between levels of consciousness. We have to begin with the flow, which then takes on momentum.

You Must Learn to Love Yourselves

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Welcome. I am angelic in origin. I am angelic in nature. I am angelic in light. I am the essence, the vibration, and the song that is known as Chamuel. I am an angel of self-love, and I come on this day to enfold you in that thought.

How Do I Love Thee?

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
Judith Coates

Beloved one, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Yes, you have a very famous phrase that has stood the test of time. I love you because I know that which you are. I love you because I love myself, and I am you. Take that deeply into the consciousness.

Wellness and the Power of Thinking

David Reid Lowell

Welcome! Illness and lack of focus are the remnants of unresolved conflicts and unhealed injuries. Where you mind goes, your body follows. Your body is map of your thinking, a map of how you believe and feel about yourself mostly, but also how you believe and feel about others.

Nuclear Radiation: A Threat to Life on the Planet

Robert Shapiro

How to Transform It

Motivation for Service: Purpose Is Who You Are

Dwahl Khul
Catherine Weser

Many of you have ideas and notions of service that declare it to be specific activities. Old understandings generally associate service with sacrifice. If there is a sense of sacrifice, then you have given and you have given in service.

Spreading Higher Truths

El Morya
Sharon Taphorn

Channel's Note: El Morya is the ascended master who works closely with Archangel Michael and is the ascended master of the first ray, along with Michael. He offers us strength, courage, and the knowledge that we are protected.

Crop Circles and Ascension

The Arcturians
Abby Isadora Haydon

We are the Arcturians. We have come to inform you of the importance of viewing crop formations for the next few months. There are many that have been placed at high-energy spots on Earth, but most have been placed in the area you call Great Britain. These formations have many purposes.

This Doorway to Love is Ready!

Lady Nada, Adama, and Saint Germain
Ray Dawn

Lady Nada: Melt Resistance to Love

Resolve to Be More Positive

Papa Juan
Beatriz Jimpson

There are things that will be happening as a direct result of the shift that has occurred. I would like to remind you that the things we will share with you are projections of probabilities in the future.


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