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You and the Global Shift: Vital Role of Community

You and the Global Shift: Vital Role of Community The Council of 12 through Selacia

This is a year of revolution on a big scale that will affect you and everyone on the planet. A common theme you will see repeatedly at this time is the need for humanity to come together as one family. This need has never been more important than right now. The new Earth you want cannot come into being alongside centuriesold patterns of bickering, complaining, conquering, and killing.

A very long time ago, people understood and valued the concept of community. People of those times knew about the power of unity and helping one another. In some cultures, when threatened by droughts and other climatic shifts, people learned that they could survive through collective ideas, support, and actions. Rather than fighting each other over dwindling resources, they used their joint creativity to adapt. They understood the power of a cohesive group; they valued the natural world and learned to work with nature.

With the Earth now sitting at a precipice of an uncertain future, humanity is being called to remember these things. Indeed, a remembrance is taking place all over the world, stirring a fervent desire for community. People like you from all walks of life are feeling this desire.