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Making Sense of Now: A Tipping Point in 2012, Year of the Dragon

Making Sense of Now: A Tipping Point in 2012, Year of the Dragon The Council of 12 through Selacia

Living now is unlike living at any other time. If you are like most people, you have more questions than answers and you wonder more about what’s coming next. The following are five key themes associated with being alive during 2012. Each applies to you personally while also relating to humanity as a whole. These universal themes affect people at all stages of spiritual growth. The effect may be experienced consciously or unconsciously, depending on how awake a person is to what’s going on. As you consider the following, invite your inner wisdom to speak to you about what is especially relevant for you right now. Meditate on that. Bring the ideas into your dream state over the coming days, inviting a higher wisdom about your life and the most optimal next steps to take.

Four Themes of 2012 Transformation

This is a time of a radical transformation of human consciousness that is affecting people all over the planet. The shift that is going on is so big that even the most advanced person will have challenges remaining calm and centered. If you regularly remind yourself of this, it will be easier to cope. And while you may be challenged, you are not weak. Your inner voice is helping you to become more aware of your unique role in the shift, and as that occurs, your priorities change.

You know that you must take actions to see the changes you want. You are not a mere bystander, complaining about the chaos and commenting on how strange things are. You know that you are alive to do more than that, and so your calling is different. This means that you will likely experience things differently— after all, you are out front, taking responsibility for what happens in your life and in the planet’s future.