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Open to the Miracle of Truly Remembering Who You Are

Open to the Miracle of Truly Remembering Who You Are Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B through Nina Brown

Dear ones, as we greet you on the new day, on this new year, on this moment of global transformation and personal expansion in consciousness, know the profound love that we have for all of humanity. We, the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B, welcome the growing relationship that we have established over the recent months. We honor you for your courage, for your fortitude, and for your willingness to do the work. Doing the work is what we wish to speak to you about this day. For you see, it is all about doing the work, you doing the work of transformation. That is the reason that you came to or incarnated on Earth.

Your Assignment

We cannot take this assignment away from you. It is why you are here. We can guide you, assist you, and on occasion present a miracle to assist you, but it truly is always you who is at the helm of your ship, guiding and navigating it toward home. We are the higher vibration of you and ask that you integrate the aspect of the Golden Dolphin energy into your being so that, as we say so often, together we can glide into—which you have done—through, and beyond 2012. We offer ease and grace as the means, and together this is possible. We do not in any way suggest that you will not feel hardship or challenge, but the feeling will be integrated with grace, and through it you will find expansion and transformation.

We suggest that the suffering is to disappear, for you have moved beyond that. You are here in 2012; you have already removed the obstacles of suffering and illness, and you have opened to the miracle of truly remembering who you are. That is the true healing and removal of suffering. Once, dear ones, you know to the core of the smallest particle of your being who you are, what can you not do? You can be the observer of those small particles and be the one who directs their destiny. Do you understand, dear ones? You can direct the particles of creation. Who are you that you can do this? Who are you? That has always been our core message and now is the frequency field and energy transmission from the alignment of the galaxies that will assist you in remembering. The time is now, and with this remembering will come the gifts of your birthright.