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The Master Secret: Your Power of Choice to Abide in Love

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
Judith Coates

Beloved ones, down through the ages, there have been those who have wanted to know, "Who is God? What is God?" There have been definitions; wise ones have come up with an explanation, a description of God, and yet that is not God.

Initiation: Learning to Listen to Your Internal Voice

Joan of Arc
Janet Lynn Roseman

Channel's Note: I have been fortunate to work with the profound healing energies of Joan of Arc for several years. Joan is the consummate representation of courage, integrity, and faith – faith in the unknown, especially.

Navigating in the Dark

Archangel Michael
Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Welcome and greetings, my beautiful beings of light. It seems that traversing change is a concern to you now. [Smiles.] All is as it should be. Although many of you still feel nothing has changed in your physical, visual world, you can tell that something is very different in your sensing world.

Your Consciousness Helps Earth Maintain Its Integrity

The Beings of Inner Earth
Miriandra Rota

We are the Beings of Inner Earth, and we flow forth to speak with you.

Surfers on the Wave of Galactic Transformation

Master Djwhal Khul
Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, once again I greet you, this time as the month of May dawns. Is it not glorious to witness a fresh season opening?

There Are No Ends — Only Beginnings

David Reid Lowell

Michel, my mom is about to pass into spirit. What can you tell me about life, death, and moving through this process? I am afraid of so many things, and it makes me worry about my health, wellbeing, and own emotional wellness. I'm scared. Can you help me?

The Seer Almine: Twenty-Seven of the 144 Tones of Purity


Introduction to the Lemurian Angels Wheels

Don't Wait for Permission to Evolve and Redefine Yourself

Samuel Morse and Chief Red Eagle
Riz Mirza

My name is Morse. I developed a code that you use. I developed a code that you use for communicating with each other across long distances with dots and dashes and dashes and dots. And those little symbols reflected what people were feeling, what they were feeling and thinking at the time.

Illuminate Your Lives and Free Yourselves from Fear

Riz Mirza

I am Eliazar. We have come this evening to speak of illumination. There is inner illumination occurring on every level of your lives at every moment, whether or not you are aware of it.

The Acceleration of the Ascension Process

Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, we have explained this in the past, but we will refresh your memory about what is taking place as you traverse the many levels and sublevels of consciousness. As you clear the distortions within your auric field, there is also an internal process taking place.


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