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It Is Time to Share Your Radiance

It Is Time to Share Your Radiance Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, the structured material world humanity has created over the many past ages is quickly crumbling. Forced, restrictive material boundaries and limitations are being left behind and replaced with the tolerant concepts of fairness and equality. Misaligned beliefs, distorted laws, and dogmatic religious teachings are being reassessed and found lacking as the masses shake off the shackles of limitation and seek the empowerment of illumined truth and self-mastery. The sorrow, sacrifice, and agony symbolized by the crucifixion are of the past. Triumph, joy, and strength will be the focus of spiritual endeavor, and the bliss of the higher realms will be available to those who gain the ability to exist in the more refined fields of consciousness within the higher fourth and fifth dimensions.

What awaits you in these glorified realms, dear hearts, is beyond your wildest imaginings. Infusions of love and light will help you to harmonize your emotional nature so that you may traverse the multiple levels of the fourth dimension with ease and grace. Focused intelligence and access to your sacred mind are necessary in order to successfully enter and traverse the sublevels of the fifth dimension. It is important that you practice regular mind clearing through the higher frequencies of light. Remind yourself often: “What purpose does it serve to hold onto old grudges and hurtful incidents?” There are now multiple realities to choose from. Sooner or later, everyone must become aware that they are multidimensional beings. Accept the truth that you are immortal and begin to live life to the fullest in the eternal now.

Choose a Positive Alternative

Developing self-awareness requires focused thought, which leads to pathways of higher consciousness. You must develop and perfect your power of conscious selection within the accepted, narrower spectrum of light and shadow. In the future, more refined reality of humanity, peace will prevail, and conflict will be resolved through diplomacy as everyone learns to seek the highest outcome and the most benevolent solutions.