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The Path of the Soul

The Council of Seven
Karen K. Russell

Light is light. It is seen differently, however, through many eyes. God knows this and gives the options and freedom to each creation so that they can grow into more God-like beings. Humans are slow to release into healing, for they cannot imagine that it can be done so rapidly.

Feel the Dance of Being You

Master Hilarion
Linda Edge

I bring greetings from near and far. Near, I say, because, in essence, I am part of you, not distinct from you; and you may reach me (and my wisdom) by going deep within.

The Power of Re-Memorying

Naylin Lagé
Maria Yraceburu

Others can harm you, but only if you let them. The most potent energy crack — the most insidious darkness invitation — is your fear. Chronic fear, worry, resentment, and skepticism open the door. Release these and be free, dear ones. Bless the gift of the lesson, and be done with it.

Predictions for the Changing Climate

All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be
Elliott Eli Jackson

As your planet shifts, the year 2015 will be very pivotal. Your Earth continues to adjust itself to the Ratius alignment,1 which is, as we have stated before, the position of each planet now in your solar system.

Manifesting Your Will More Rapidly

Raphael and Gabriel
Kimberly Powers

Beloved ones, now is a time that will feel frightening. But know that you are held in eternal love, and we see you in your purest form of light. You're bursting with your divinity, and our view of its radiance is beyond what has been know before.

Endless Opportunities and Possibilities Abound

Master Guides
Sharon Taphorn

You are making way for a new way of being, doing, and living life on planet Earth, and this can be a year of great opportunity and advancement with great potential for spiritual growth and understanding.

A Year of Make or Break: Which Will You Choose?

Archangel Metatron
Jill Harrison

Within the year of 2015, all souls will be called on to create change within their lives — whether it is a conscious choice in which a soul moves into manifestation and the art of alchemy or whether it is an unconscious choice in which destiny places a gauntlet before a soul.

The Arrival of a Shocking New Truth

The Masters of Light
Claire Montanaro

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity once again to prepare your world for the delights and excitements of the year to come. It is the time for revelation not just of occurrences and events but also of an essential truth too.

The Symbiotic Relationship between Humans and Animals

One Voice of the Animal Kingdom
Carol Long

I call the One Voice of the Animal Kingdom.

Yes, we will respond and are here now. What do you wish to say, wish us to say, on this day?

The Age of Mercy

The guardians

Congratulations, courageous souls! As you move through the early stages of the fifth dimension and the challenge of being born to this rare — and never easy — time of stepping up the frequency within unity, you individually and collectively shift the consciousness of the entire planet.


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