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The Awakening of the New Human

The Awakening of the New Human The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

The Creative Essence as energy is the only true reality. All the rest of what you call "real," including your bodies and everything else experienced through the five senses through free will, is made manifest with the creative energy inside your imaginative mind that was and still is your reality. How? Let us tell you a story about reality.

When you first arrived in this frequency level as a soul or energy, you created a physical form to experience life as a three-dimensional manifestation, including your planet, which you named Gaia. Physical manifestation was different from anything you had ever experienced, and as you forgot that you were spirit beings first, you became dependent on your vision, touch, taste, smell, and hearing to survive. Yes, you had your intuition, but it faded as you depended more on your five senses.

It wasn't long before the new humans began to know fear. Once the mind depended on the five senses, the brain split into two ways of experiencing life as reality. Your new human world was dangerous and deadly, with people dying from injury, disease, starvation, old age, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, and wars.