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Abundance Awaits!

Blessed Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters
Carol Sydney

Greetings, beloved star children of the skies. You have accomplished more in your linear year of 2014 than in any previous year to date. For the New Earth, Gaia's gratitude is fully yours.

Soul-to-Soul: the Only Way Forward

Sage Council
Cheryl Rose

We are so happy to be back in your energetic field of awareness with the space of time between our last communications.

The Spiritually Minded and the Fifth-Dimensional Earth

Juliano, the Arcturians, and Chief White Eagle
David K. Miller

I am Juliano; we are the Arcturians. I wanted to look briefly at the year 2015 and do an update because there are a lot of thoughts about how the planet is doing, and there are many feelings of despair among people. Generally, there is a feeling that things are descending into chaos.

Change Is Everywhere

Norma Gentile

Change is everywhere. Exploring new sensations within your own bodies lets you receive the vibrations being born into the world around you. Each vibration is unique, and each vibration may (or may not) coalesce into a tangible physical form.

An Approaching Generation of Balance and Growth

Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. It is a time of testing. It is a time of purification. It is a time unlike any other seen in recorded history. An entire generation is coming to maturity having been born into a world of vast information gathering and dissemination.

Live Each Day Fully Committed to Love

Master Djwhal Khul
Kathlyn Kingdon

Ah, beloved students, have you had enough of the unpredictability of 2014? I greet you this month in the spirit of anticipation, as you await the shifting energies of a dawning new year to grace the horizons of a new age.

The Perfect Storm

Lyssa Royal Holt

Good evening, everyone. We are going to start by giving you a title tonight of "The Perfect Storm." What do we mean by this? Well, as you well know, we often bring through information about human transformation and what is happening on your world. We've presented many models about this.

You Have the Golden Keys to Your Crystal Cave of Knowing

Archangel Michael
Therese Dorer

I find myself at the entrance of a dark cave. I am encouraged to walk deep into the belly of Mother Earth. As I step across the threshold, I feel cocooned by the inky darkness, and I am encouraged to release my fears and doubts into the womb of the Mother.

All Communication Is the Sharing of Consciousness

Dwahl Khul
Catherine Weser

Developing a new and deeper understanding of communication becomes necessary for everyone in 2015. We will additionally describe this necessity as developing a deeper connection to one life consciousness, from which a new paradigm of communication is effortlessly generated.

Prepare Yourselves for Challenge and Change

Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters
Star Hinman

Lady Portia and Saint Germain: Earth is moving into a time of intense challenge and change for the lightworkers on Earth.


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