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Three Questions to Identify Junk Thoughts

Three Questions to Identify Junk Thoughts The One Life through Catherine Weser

Have you ever been plagued by a train of thought that takes you nowhere? It keeps coming up and annoying you over and over again. These thoughts are not creative. These thoughts are often critical and unkind. These thoughts can nag you for days, months, and sometimes even years. We call these junk thoughts because ultimately they have no value.

How do you get these thoughts to subside? How do you get rid of them? The answer is certainly not to struggle against them. They cannot become your enemy. They are not worthy of that kind of status. After all, they are just junk thoughts. You cannot get anywhere in a struggle with junk.

You cannot usually ignore them. They seem to have a life of their own, popping up when you least expect them to and often when you believe you have finally gotten rid of them. So ignoring them might be a good temporary strategy, but it will not likely be a lasting solution.