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The Magic Is Just Beginning

The Magic Is Just Beginning Merlia and the group through Steve Rother

I have come to Earth this day to help you balance energy. There is so much moving on your planet and many things taking place simultaneously; it is very magical for us to watch from this side of the veil. We have told you about the twenty-two different waves that are coming through in 2018, and they are starting in earnest now. The bulk of them will be coming over three months: August, September, and October. The energy will arrive steadily. It will not feel as it did before, with the waves hitting you so intensely, but more like a constant rise.

Of course, the idea here is to get comfortable with change because that is truly what is taking place. You have seen this affect many of your attributes on Earth in a variety of areas. It also has a lot to do with balancing the feminine and masculine on your planet, and we are proud to watch. Dear ones, we realize that it is scary and uncomfortable for humans to change. Humans resist change at every turn, and if they can slow it down or stop it in some way, they will try.

The groundwork is being laid for you in a new way. The ground is being cleared because you have a new base energy in the fifth dimension. You are starting to see new things although some of you have been working on the same things over and over again. Often these were seeds that were planted thirty or even fifty years ago, and they are finally starting to bloom into reality. You have hidden some of these from yourselves, perhaps even intentionally, to motivate or control your actions in some way.