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Spiritual Partnerships: Help From Beyond

Spiritual Partnerships: Help From Beyond Damon through Kenneth Drake

All that we ask of you, dear one, is that you, within your world, simply be open to our presence around you. All that is required for the world of the spirit to assist the world of the living is but a simple, childlike openness.

— Damon

So often you have heard it said (have you not?) that help comes from above. How often have you heard that, my friend? We say to you that, indeed, this is a true statement. However, perhaps it is more truthful to say that help comes from all around you. Indeed, it does, in varying forms and ways.

As you have begun to open your soul to our world, the world of spirit, you have begun to notice what could only be described as the great synchronicities of the universe manifesting all about you. Perhaps you see these in numerical form, as spirit manifests around you. Many of you, even now, see an increase in the numerical value 11:11. This is confirmation that we are working around you on your behalf.