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I Am Not a Savior; I Am a Vehicle

I Am Not a Savior; I Am a Vehicle The Christ through Kathryn Rawlings & Terry Spears

Dear children, I have come today to be explicit in my authority to remove the pain and suffering from the human race. This pain and suffering is a transitory state that is being recalled into its source. In the worldly events, it appears to be more dramatic with the dynamics of a negative effect.

A standing wave of love and perfection of the soul now recalls all parts that do not hold the christed matrix within their very being and source creation. These steps that are taking place today in your 3D world will promote the acceptance of the act of transition, the understanding that this is a normal advancement in human consciousness.

It will continue to appear as a chaotic stage until the sorting is completed. It is important to enlighten yourselves with the inner knowing of the outcomes happening today so that you will embrace a dear picture of the views of sadness and suffering.