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Work with Moon Energy to Gain Self-Realization

Work with Moon Energy to Gain Self-Realization Isis and the Moon and Archangel Gabriel through Rae Chandran

Hello, my friends and family. This is Isis. Welcome to the gathering of light. When two or more people are gathered, energy is created. This creates a grid of light and brings people together through that light, and we thank you for this. You are all very well aware of the light. The fight between the light and the dark has intensified. Light will always win; know that. Some of you have seen challenges in these past few months.

We want all of you to pay particular attention to the summer months. Why? Many planets will be going retrograde, and that can cause much strife. Destabilization can happen. So like a wise person who prepares for calamity, if you prepare your energy, you will be able to handle all the summer months with ease and grace. During these months, people will feel very edgy. When they are on the edge, their survival instincts kick in, and they try to survive through their words and physical actions. Assigning who is right and who is wrong becomes very important for them.

If you work with the energy of the Moon, it can support you, but it can be a double-edged sword. When the Moon shines its brightest, great creative energy is unleashed. The question is, how can you use that energy? In some cities, the police and other law enforcement know about this energy and prepare by having extra personnel available. The full moon affects human emotions, organs, and the endocrine system.