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Goddess 101, Part 3: Lead with Love

Goddess 101, Part 3: Lead with Love The Goddess of the Light of the Seventh Universe and Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

Goddess 101 is a course in love. It has returned to reconnect humanity to its greater spirit and to the Goddess herself. I have returned to guide and shower you with light and love during this time of beginning the New Earth.

Goddess 101 is a remembering of who you are in all dimensions, not just the third. In fact, you are no longer in the third dimension. You have joined your galaxy in the fifth dimension. This is a big leap, but you have made it. Now let us see what you can do with this new energy.

What's the plan? It won't be pretty — yet. First, you drop all the memories and dross of all the lives spent in darkness, disconnected from your soul and real selves. Next, call back all the soul fragments lost along the way. Do this out loud, and make sure you ask that they be washed and cleansed in Goddess light. This will seem like the beginning of the end. Actually, a good percentage of you have already done this and reached the fifth dimension.

One problem exists: Others remain in the third dimension in thought and deed. They will become even more confused and erratic until some of the dross of that dimension is released. These people choose not to open to the higher dimension even though they are now living in it. Those who fully embrace the fifth dimension, as I am sure you do, have access to much higher dimensions by just closing their eyes and intending to go there and breathe.