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Become as the Feather

Become as the Feather The Council of Transition through Takeli MMagdalen

Greetings, beloved ones. I am Mufa. I hold you all in my light, as do we all on the Council of Transition. What transpires now on your Earth plane is a gift, one that does not appear as that which you would have chosen to receive in the form in which it is given. The vibrations of love now permeating every aspect of your lives will no longer be denied or set aside to be dealt with at some future moment. They are insistent, urging you to open your hearts to seek love in its truest form in your reality.

Every particle of your physical vessel is now being cleansed and regenerated, ready for the major changes that will be created in place of that which now exists. To be afraid of change and the unknown is a natural and instinctive response that comes from deep within your awareness. Yet woven within your consciousness is also a deep remembrance of returning to a place of loving welcome for you, one of unconditional acceptance of every particle of you and each experience that you encounter while embodied. This is the vibration that will quite suddenly be available to your awareness.

In that moment of awareness, each must choose his or her path: to journey forward in the form of loving and receiving or to allow fears to rule and to turn aside from that which is offered to you in love. Much is being done on Earth to ensure that fear is chosen over love, and there is much concern over deceptions and about that which is not love being misperceived. We ask you to see this for the fear-based tactic that it is and to choose to trust in the knowing of the heart and to open it in love to the light that is now enveloping Earth and all connected to it. Practice opening the heart to the love that is the divine source of All That Is. In your inner knowingness, all that is true will reveal itself as an expansive honoring of all that you are. It is tangible and easy to perceive when contrasted with games of power or the lack of it.