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The Healing Power of Inner Truth

The Healing Power of Inner Truth Cosmic Logos Mahatma through Natalie Glasson

To awaken is to remember, and to remember is to see, sense, or acknowledge. This is an inner knowingness that is often indescribable, yet it can be expressed in numerous unique ways. To know is not to be wise or enlightened; it is to communicate in the means appropriate for you with the presence of the Creator within and around you. When you truly communicate, you exist in harmony with the Creator, experiencing balance, peace, and love. In truth, all that is the Creator. To do so allows you to recognize not only the Creator but also that you truly are an expression and deliverer of the Creator. Your truth is not personal to you; it is an aspect of the Creator that your highest self has chosen to deliver forth into the world to interact with others.

Your experiences, memories, painful and happy situations of your past, past lifetimes, present, and even future are your creations determined by whether you focus on your truth or are distracted during your creating and your experience of creation in every moment of your life. Some situations and reactions you know would be different if you had been connected or focused on the presence of the Creator that delivers forth through you.

There may be certain situations, experiences, or actions of your past, present, or future that remain as painful energies that cause turmoil or that you ignore. If unresolved, these energies can remain within you your entire lifetime. I, Mahatma, the Cosmic Logos, wish to share with you an insight that might support you in releasing these burdens while reconnecting you with the beautiful energy of the Creator that is delivered through you in this lifetime. The key is to reconnect with the presence of the Creator, your truth, and then allow yourself to see, sense, or acknowledge the Creator through the eyes of your truth.