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Into the New World

Judith Coates

Beloved one, now we shall continue with the story or history of my lifetime after the resurrection. We have spoken earlier of the sea adventure. We have spoken of being in Gaul. We have spoken of visiting with the Gypsies in Germania. We have spoken of going to Britannia.

The Seven Pillars of Heaven: Guidance for an Illuminated Life, Part 3


This is the third part of a lyrical explanation of the body of information known as "The Seven Pillars of Heaven." See Part 1 in the September edition and Part 2 in the October edition of the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

The Tone Is in the Bone

The Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al.
Arthur Fanning

We've got to prepare the bodies is what this is about now. We're preparing bodies with information.

Believe and It Will Be So

Spirits of Love
Thelma Bodnar

"Show me," you say, "and then I will believe." We say, "Believe, and you will be shown!" At no other time in the history of humans has that been a more appropriate motto than now.

The Journey Back Home

Expanded Consciousness
Miriandra Rota

Greetings, beloved beings, greetings to you! We are Expanded Consciousness, and we flow forth to speak with you on the topic of fear and its pattern that resides within the cause and effect.

The Expanding Universe

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
Judith Coates

Beloved one, in the beginning before time was, you called forth the universe. You called forth this particular solar system with your Sun and the known planets as well as other solar systems and galaxies.

Ritual: Live as a Master

The Divine Feminine
Wendy Zellea

Rituals are sequences of actions that are performed to achieve a desired outcome. There are many types of rituals. In fact, from a certain point of view, life itself is a ritual.

Commune with Nature in Everything

Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and I also speak for the collective energies that influence and work on the planet. I embrace the elementals as well as the devas and water spirits, the wind sprites, and various other beings who are every bit as much of your existence as you.

Shifting Your View of Reality

Liane Rich

You will begin to see great changes in the way you live your life, as you are about to open up to a completely new way of perceiving reality. You are all creative beings, and you each create your own personal realities and your own view, or perspective, of that particular reality.

Integrating Sacred Wisdom for Earth's Future

The Wisdom Guardians

We are the Wisdom Guardians. We have come to share important information regarding the discovery of sacred knowledge, the use of power, and the integration of higher frequency downloads.


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