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Offer Gratitude to Earth in Moon Ceremonies

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Therese Dorer

I see a vision of tall prairie grass swaying in the wind. I feel the breeze on my face, cleansing and clearing my muddled mind. As I walk, I breathe in the blue sky, the grass, and the sweet nectar of Mother Earth. I notice a huge white buffalo standing on the landscape.

Alert from Mother Earth

Athene Raefiel

Children of Earth, your planet cries out to you. Do you hear me? Stop the senseless destruction and devastation. Every bomb you set off reverberates though massive layers of Earth’s ground and displaces more of my energy. Every bullet you fire has its own reverberation.

Create the World You Envision

Shockara Starbeings
Blue Turtle

Beloved Earth beings, we can feel your pain and discernment as you experience the effects of the negative energy disrupting your world. Powerful forces of duality are dueling it out, literally and symbolically. It is a time to be fully present and to watch the energy to see its truth.

Storage Container Gardening

Nancy Perrin

This is my “recipe” for creating a porch garden using storage containers. It is a cheap and effective way to garden, and it is very easy to put together.

If Love Is All Around Us, How Is It That Some Cannot See or Feel or Know Its Truth?

Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

Open your heart,

And let the light in.

There is more here

Than all eternity could consume.

We are not ones to hold back.

We are more inclined to share

A Great Emptiness Fills Your Abyss

Inspired Information and Merlin
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Within the void of time and space, there are those who move from certainty to actuality through a zero-point place where matter and antimatter coexist. It is the place where the positive and negative collide, destroying and creating simultaneously.

Realize You Are the “Greater Gift”

Sri Ram Kaa

Hello, beloved beings of great light, peace, joy, and recognition. Hello from the energies of worlds beyond worlds beyond worlds. Let us offer you the recognition that goes beyond the understanding of a world.

Lead the Way to a New Humanity

The Akashic Records
Renee Rowe

This is a time of great internal reflection for humanity. It’s time to retreat and observe what you hold within. Allow yourselves to see clearly the truth of all, the truth of who you are. How are you creating and contributing to the world around you?

Stay Light and Bright in Trying Times

Mother Mary
Janet Desaulniers

Hello, my dear ones. It is my great joy to be with you through these words and vibrations of love. Let’s come together in the oneness of pure consciousness and love. Feel my presence with you. Remember who you are, and allow your presence to be full.

You Are a Constant Creator

Kenneth Drake

You are the source of your own creation, and it is the awareness of this creative force that fuels both the power of the spirit within and the creation of your life without. Know your creative power.
— Artemis


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