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Call on Crystalline Stellar Skulls for Protection

Call on Crystalline Stellar Skulls for Protection Terra Rae

Our Team Earth crew has integrated the stellar skulls to activate synchronicities, joy, stamina, and love and to heal and clear us and our spaces. Did you know you can call on them to enhance your life, work, play, and your own crystal skulls?

Now more than ever, it feels important to put extra protections around yourself, your family, and your living space. I see many people who feel they are chosen and will not get hit by those on the dark side because they work with a guide or an angel. This is not always the case, and some are attacked. Those of the dark side — the dark hats or dark wizards — are brilliant.

Many who provide healing techniques and classes on energy work and entity removal actually need to update their practices. Safety must be integral in any type of healing work. It is our responsibility to ensure safety for the teacher and the class. The dark energies move through dark dimensions that lightworkers and healers are mostly unaware of, making them targets.