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The Reunification of the Twin-Flame Energy

The Reunification of the Twin-Flame Energy Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene through Lea Chapin

Greetings, my beloveds. Yes, it is I, Christ. I am here with my beloved twin flame, Mary Magdalene. We are here by grand design, and we are extremely excited to call forth the reunification of the twin flame energy on this planet. It is of dire importance that each of you holds the energy of your beautiful spirit in its fullest essence. As they say, your powerful spirit is reuniting with the essence of your divine, beloved twin flame.

Know that the signaling of the energy of the twin-flame reunification was ignited by the one named Prince Harry and his beloved bride Meghan Markle. It is not an accident or a coincidence that these two powerful souls have come forward to bring this energy to this planet once again to awaken this within the hearts of others. It is part of their mission.

So many have been misled and disillusioned by the energy of their twin flames, by their beloved soul brothers or sisters, who are the paired essences of their spirits. The signal of these two beings (who have stepped forward into the beautiful light of the beloved frequency of unconditional love) has assisted this powerful reunification. What I am trying to say is that those who have observed this marriage have been awakened. Their hearts have been reawakened to unconditional love — to true love, as they say. Their hearts have awakened to that essence of Divine love, for many have been disillusioned by love, by the false pretense of love, and by the misunderstanding of love. However, these beautiful souls have brought forth a powerful reunification; they have stepped forward into their full power and reunited in their beautiful essence.