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“This Is Why I Am Here”

“This Is Why I Am Here” The Arcturians through Anara WhiteBear

Each moment you have a desire: that which you want, that which you look forward to, or that which you say, “This is why I am here.” This desire is bigger than what you have understood. This is a soul-level understanding of who you are.

From the time you were young, you had things that you liked, that you looked forward to, or that made you happy. These are the things that made you stand out, made you different, and you counted the days until you received that thing again. This thing might have been a book, music, a puzzle, or a toy. It was a reflection of something inside of you. For this being we speak through [the channel], books were more exciting than toys, and this happened for many of you. People thought she wanted toys because she was a child, but she wanted books and to be outside in nature as part of something bigger or as part of something smaller, such as watching the ants. She would sit and watch the ants, and she would become happy watching them.

Each one of you had your experiences as well. That which was outside was then created on the inside, and the books might have helped you to understand why you were attracted to what you were attracted to. Although you might not have understood why being in nature was important to you, perhaps books explained more of that to you.