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Honor the Small and Vulnerable

Honor the Small and Vulnerable Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

We begin by focusing on that which is sometimes invisible to the human eye. Some very tiny creations of life on this planet are unseen, but their contribution to the balance of life is remarkable. Much of the time the work done by these very small creatures is unseen, and if that work is not done, there is a loss of balance. Already the loss of some of these small creatures has considerably affected this planet. For good health, the planet needs to have balance with all forms of life.

The state of the planet seemingly does not concern the small insects or the small creatures; they continue to go about their business. They have their focus. They make their contributions, which often have extraordinary results. So it is with the small, the vulnerable, those who need protection from the strong. It is an important realization that human beings are capable of caring for the vulnerable. Indeed it is important in order for human beings to sustain their own lives.

This does not only apply to nature. It is about also protecting the vulnerable and small beginnings of hope within the human heart today. In many places on the planet, there is much tumult and suffering. But even in these places, you have small hopes. There are vulnerable souls who strive to bring light into their hearts and minds. They keep going. However, that is a very challenging role to play on Earth today — to be incarnate in a nation where there is cruelty, oppression, no freedom for spiritual growth, and extreme imbalance.