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The Transformation of All Human Existence

Master Aza Ra
Judith K. Moore

I am Aza Ra. I am the emissary of light of the Cosmic Council for Human Evolution. We are your loving family of light that has united the Galactic Councils of Peace for the sake of universal harmony. I am a Pleiadian human from Terra Azara, a sister planet of Terra Gaia in a higher universe.

Channel Your Gift to This World

Mother Ulura
Karinna Nielsen

Many of you are experiencing an increased feeling of the new dimensional energies approaching your world.

You Are the True Essence of Life

The Universe
Athene Raefiel

Mighty beings of light assisting us in our journey of life, won’t you please tell me why there is so much suffering and sadness in life on this planet?

At Transition’s Door, Part 1

Isaiah and Ezekiel
Kathryn Rawlings

We all are in labor now as a prequel of our birth into ascension living. Our spiritual team is here to comfort, assure, and embrace us and to bolster our inner knowing and peace. When we feel their love, we open to love’s radiance.

Embrace Duality to Bring Harmony

Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

Along the way, you’ll find yourself traveling in pairs for one adventure or another — two minds as one for considering wisdom from more than one angle. You will regard wisdom as valid and good sense from possible opposing views. Wherein lies the truth for you?

Questions Open Your Mind to Change

Gilly Wilmot

Greetings. Let’s begin with some questions many ask: “Which is the right way for me? What direction should I choose? How can I find what is right for me?” Does it seem that human experiences are based on questions, and those questions lead to change?

Five Keys to Stress-Proof Your Health

Dr. Bradley Nelson

A simple yet pervasive truth has been gaining new ground in the minds of health care professionals in recent years: Stress can kill. More accurately, stress leads to a cascading series of harmful occurrences in the body that can turn deadly.

Kissed by Infinite Wisdom

Ann Metcalfe

This morning, golden Sun cloaked behind a blanket of soft-gray clouds,

a steady yet gentle rain has been falling all night, our first in months.

Rain has stopped now, stillness.

Yoga Science Teaches How to Transform Energy

Leonard Perlmutter

You learned in grade school science class that energy could appear in either the potential or kinetic form. The electricity in the wiring of your home is available for any use you choose. When you turn a light switch to the on position, energy appears in the form of light.

Stimulate the Positive

LaWanna Rine

Take a look. How do you feel? What are your thoughts at this moment? What are your emotions at this moment? Are you expressing illness or wellness? You are evaluating yourself each moment. Go look in the mirror. Are you smiling? Are your lips pressed firmly together?


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