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Know You Can Make a Difference

Know You Can Make a Difference Mother Mary through Janet Desaulniers

Good afternoon, my beloveds. It is my joy to be with you again in this way. Be with me in your heart, mind, and soul. How wonderful it is to know you and to connect in love and light. Know that you can always be with me as I am with you. I place a garland of shimmering hearts around your neck and a bouquet of brilliant flowers at your feet. Feel my love for you, and enjoy the fragrance of peace. Breathe it in, and be in gentle joy as you breathe out your love and peace for all.

The gift of the garland represents all of you united in spirit. It is a precious gift you have given each other. It represents the heart of each person who chooses to connect as one with the family of humanity, one cord connecting many hearts that radiate the sum of all. People everywhere are choosing to strengthen the bond that ties them. Individuals in families are choosing to heal differences and help each other. Families are connecting with other families around the world. Families are not only caring for their own members but also for each other in a powerful show of global solidarity. This is the family of humanity demonstrating shared values and what is important in life. People are participating as one with renewed commitment to the power of the people.

This most special bouquet of flowers is of every color and kind. Each blossom is beautiful in its own way. Together each flower creates a glorious vision of loveliness and a deep fragrance of uplifting peace and joy. I place these flowers at your feet in gratitude to all of you. It is also a gift you have given each other. You are honoring each other, and we honor you.