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Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart Sananda through Lois Hartwick

My blessing are upon you, children of Earth, starbeings of the universe, lovers of life. All that you are is within me. There is no exception to this. There are moments in time when you are held in such high esteem, with love unfolding around you, that you would step into your lives and into your future without hesitation or doubt if you knew this.

Too often the world is embroiled with so much activity that energies are being intercepted. Who would seek to do this so that you do not feel this enfoldment of my heart? I am here today to explain things a bit further, take you a bit further, and open more consciously that which you are.

You see, within my being is the opportunity to unfold entirely into your being and to receive the energies and thoughts you built around you, creating an auric field of light, darkness, connection, attachment, release of fear, and eternity within your beings. All that is mine to know as well.