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Stand United Against Those Who Divide

Stand United Against Those Who Divide Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of God, enjoy the bounty of harvest and friendship as the late summer weather changes. Abound in the beauty and sustenance of this special time of year as you explore the countryside and quiet places to which you and your loved ones are called. Listen to discern the powerful voice coming from inside you.

There is a renewed awakening of your values, ideals, and dreams. You are seeing more and more of what you want to materialize in your physical life on Earth. You understand that there is more to realize and bring forth from the depths of your being. You feel an expanded sense of God participating directly in your life.

The winds of change blow all around you in the world as well as inside you. There is a testimony to which you will bear witness as you discover your truth and place in the world. Take time to go within through prayers and meditation so that you can gain the valuable insights necessary to make the bright, new changes you seek.

You may feel as though you are carried on the wind as messages and visions become more powerful for you to receive and share with like-minded others. Be the silence and stillness of the summertime that cause you to reflect on your good fortune, and attune to the tide bringing in new gifts and opportunities.