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Let Go of the Third Dimension

Let Go of the Third Dimension Karinna Nielsen

I recently took a respite from writing, and my articles and communications have been sporadic, so I appreciate your willingness to continue to weave with me. I am now back in the flow of my spiritual work and have recently received important guidance I’d like to share with you.

I write this now because you might feel — as I did — that at a time when we have the opportunity to shift into the next dimension, many could be unwittingly feeding energy into a mastermind of fear and anger that holds us to the third dimension.

Yes, the great shift is happening, and it is happening now on a personal, as well as collective, level for everyone on the planet. The questions are: What part will each of us choose to play? How are feelings such as hurt, sadness, blame, and resentment helping the old yin and yang mastermind to remain in place?