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Your Intuitive Power

Your Intuitive Power The Z's through Lee Harris

You are very powerful intuitively. You are also afraid of the strength of your intuitive power. This fear is not surprising given that intuition is an agent of change. Allowing the subtle and overt truths told by your intuition into your life can cause energetic shifts in your body; you feel and see the world differently. This is also wonderful. It makes you stronger and more whole. Do not fear your intuitive power, for it is already so. You only ask us to say this to you as a reminder, because you know and feel it yourself.

Take the Time You Need to Grow

Remember, time is important; it is your ally. This is why we speak to you of releasing judgment. Do not judge yourself for not being where your soul knows you should be. It is important to move step by step and to integrate every piece of your journey. What satisfaction would you feel going from a disassembled jigsaw puzzle to a completed one in the blink of an eye? The joy of a jigsaw puzzle is piecing it together to create the whole picture. It is a fascinating experience, full of stops and starts. It’s sometimes maddeningly complex and at other times a breeze. There is satisfaction when the whole picture is completed, yes, but piecing it together is the discovery process of life. That is where the energy lies.