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Conquer the Obstacles to Manifestation

Conquer the Obstacles to Manifestation Mona Khad

Many people believe and understand on a rational level that the ability to manifest reality is innate to all human beings; however, they are unable to manifest the lives they desire. Why does this happen? Belief and understanding are necessary but insufficient elements for manifestation.

A deeper, underlying conditioning of the spirit needs to be rewritten within you. This process is like writing computer code or rewriting lines of existing code, except that the writer cannot be anyone other than you. This is why it might take years of reading, studying, and shifting consciousness to be able to manifest even the smallest and banal desire.

There are two major obstacles to manifestation that, when understood, should shift the results in your favor. This assumes that basic obstacles have long been removed or have never existed in your mindset. Such obstacles might include the belief that you do not have the right or the ability to manifest reality or that you should feel ashamed for having manifested a reality that is contrary to the natural order of things.