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A Calendar to Chart Your Consciousness Evolution

A Calendar to Chart Your Consciousness Evolution Laarkmaa through Pia Orleane & Cullen Smith

Hello, dear ones, we are Laarkmaa, a Pleiadian group comprised of six of one and one of six, acting as one unit of family. We are here because we love you. Pleiadians have long helped humanity on your path to evolution. Your Mayan calendar was given to your cultures by Pleiadian groups who wished humanity to measure your lives by energy rather than time. As the Mayan culture fell out of favor and other cultures took over, you began to use the Gregorian calendar and a clock for measuring your days and nights. You forgot about measuring your lives by energy.

Now we, Laarkmaa, another Pleiadian group, are here to help you remember that energy, not time, is the true source of measuring how you live. Time is an illusion and is only valid in the third dimension, not throughout the universe. To understand this, we have created a calendar based on two types of energy: cosmic (or universal) energy and Earth energy. There are twenty Earth energies and thirteen universal energies.
The Universal Energies

Universal energy is based on thirteen types of energy present throughout the universe. We call them universal energies because they hold truth for all the cosmos. They are listed as follows: