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Manifest Your Completeness to Serve Others

Manifest Your Completeness to Serve Others Blue Turtle

Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde: Beloved children of the Creator, you feel more confident in your gifts and venturing out into the world to support others in their deeds and efforts to bring about transformational change. Guided by the ancestors, elders, and Creator, you are blessed with greater understanding and wisdom to convey the divine messages and power.

Notice how Deer is abundant around you encouraging you to be quiet, vigilant, and strong in your presence and power with the Creator. Bear helps you track, see, and smell what is important for you to know so that you can make the best decisions. Pay attention to Bobcat in the wilderness surrounding you so that you can effectively watch and move carefully, yet cautiously, to take the action that you need.

All life appreciates and honors water, which is so precious and vital in these hot summer months. Take your earnest pilgrimages to the water source near you and partake of this life-giving element for your nourishment and refreshment. Celebrate the joy of being in the water!