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What I Discovered through the Creator’s Eyes

What I Discovered through the Creator’s Eyes Barbara Marrianna Zimmerman

Years ago, I asked the divine Creator to assist me in seeing things through his eyes. Coupled with my research, I have discovered a better way to understand all things I encountered in this lifetime.

One was that the third dimension was created as an experiment in which humanity was veiled so that they couldn’t remember they are sacred beings of light. The third dimension is both polarity and duality, meaning (1) things are the opposite of what they seem and (2) that we all chose to come to Earth to learn self-mastery.

I learned that the biblical saying “do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31, NIV) was a way to tell humanity that what you do to others, you will experience in your life. This is called karma. All the people around you reflect what you need to clear within yourself!