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Open Your Windows

Open Your Windows The Divine through Sara Wiseman

We ask that you open your windows. By this, we mean that ask to receive universal information via direct connection and to begin the practice of direct connection.

The first step, the asking, requires that you acknowledge your willingness to take this new step on your path of soul growth. You open to the idea of guides, angels, and the universe all communicating directly with you, one-on-one. The asking is your willingness to surrender and throw yourself off the cliff into the mystery that is your life. The asking comes from your heart, for the heart is where your soul resides. The heart longs for true connection to the divine.

For so long, you have been crying in the wilderness, seeking “this” solution and “that” solution, “this” distraction and “that” distraction, when the answer is this: Surrender. Become humble. Place your ego in the corner, and let go of all greed and distractions. Ask for true light. In the asking, you will receive.