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Dual Key Activations on 8 August 2015

Dual Key Activations on 8 August 2015 Metatron through Jill Harrison

On the eighth day of the eighth month at the hours of 8am and 8pm, there will be a specific spiritual dimensional shift in energies to bring in important changes and to ensure the divine plan for the continuance of the human race. It is important for you to be open to receiving these new energies that will ricochet around the globe. Why are these key activations important to you? They will open humanity to a greater soul understanding. This particular phase provides lessons of self-sufficiency and an understanding that relying on others will not help you evolve. This is necessary for you to understand how to manifest your own experiences.

For too long, humanity has relied on being led. Throughout history, this has resulted in poverty, suffering, and great disappointment for the entire human race. These new energies will herald the deactivation of the need to control through governments and material corruption. We will assist all of you in learning to remove your inability to trust yourselves to be self-sufficient. The world’s ability to produce enough food, water, and resources for the whole of humanity and the animal kingdom is on a precipice. Rather than learning independence, governments have programmed and impressed, through fear, the need to be dependent. To fit into society, you have to follow more rules and regulations, which limit the soul rather than free it. Radicalization of religions further compounds the issues.

As humankind desperately seeks to make its mark on the world, these new energies will help all of you realize that if you continue to make decisions for the future based on the past, you will be stuck in a cycle that doesn’t release you from the bonds you have created, and humanity as you know it will cease to exist.