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Spheres of Influence

Spheres of Influence The Peacemakers through Greg Branson

All power is concentrated within geometrical formations. The more complex the design, the more potent it will be, yet the power is always accessed most effectively through one point at a time. Although Lemuria had its pockets of expression in many places around the globe, it was mostly concentrated within a triangular area with apex points in Southern India (the most important), above Perth in Western Australia, and near Santiago in Chile. This civilization extended far into the Southern Hemisphere at a time when the Northern Hemisphere was experiencing the later stages of the most recent ice age.

These central power points are always ringed by a series of seven circles of influence that contain much of the power behind the satellite activity emanating from but also feeding that center. There are other orientations within each of the rings that could be called chakra points, such as the sacred Aboriginal site at Oolaroo in Australia (which is a major heart chakra), a site on the French-controlled Moruroa island off the South American coast where nuclear tests were held, and a crown chakra energy in Nepal reaching up to the Himalayas.

In addition, there is always a complementary triangular area that, though inactive above ground, generates power deep in the earth that feeds the development of the main triangle. It this case, it is mirrored in the Northern Hemisphere, and the pivotal point of the reflected triangle is in Hawaii, quite close to Honolulu. This triangle will become a major force in its own right, and the original will be the support. When Hawaii starts to really open up its energies and potential, its power will extend into the areas covered by the seven surrounding rings that extend far into the North American continent.