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Living from True Power and Balance

Living from True Power and Balance Madre Primordial through Vera Nadine Boinn

As the energy once again begins to rise from the earth below your feet and she begins to once again take precedence in the minds of the masses, you will know that the shift is occurring. You will know that Earth and your species are indeed going to survive the scourge of modern humanity because you will begin to see, feel, and be drawn to the gatherings in the woods, the gatherings in the fields, and where arms are raised in a circle in the park.

The Shifting Roles of Women

There will be communities of women forming — not those who sit and gossip about each other, but women who will no longer be content to tell only the fairytale of themselves, women who have now claimed the right to speak their truth. They desire to be seen and honored for their wisdom, uniqueness, and frankness, and they will begin to honor other women for the same thing. They will begin to see each other as they truly are: many links in one chain, there to support each other, to lift each other up, to balance each other, and to compliment each others’ gifts. As women begin to gather in these circles, so their wisdom, openness, togetherness, and community-mindedness will ripple out into the greater populace, into the very earth around them. It will fill their locales, their families, and their communities with an energy that is so pure and uncontrived that it can move mountains.

Women are the singers of the songs and always have been, but they are not simply the recorders of history and culture; they are the makers of history. They are ones who bring the shift. It is when the women decide that the time is now for a new humanity — for a new way of human communication and community, in essence for a New Earth — that this New Earth will be born. Only women can birth from nothing. It has always been so. Thus the Creator must, at least in part, be feminine. Clearly the Creator is all things, but much of human history has been about trying to forget that there are two halves, that there is polarity. In acknowledging the poles, there is balance. When you try to resist acknowledging the other, whether it is with yourselves or in nature, you have imbalance. And eventually, you have war, doubt, sickness, and greed. If the balance is not corrected, you have death, decay, and extinction.