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Loving Allowance

Loving Allowance Xenanthium through Hugh Campbell

Life on planet Earth is much older than humankind realizes. The human biological form itself is something that has evolved to become a unique vehicle able to express and manifest the expressions of the soul. The dichotomy of this world is the vast separation between those who manifest the divine through the divinely inspired human expression and those who don’t. It is all part of the divine plan to allow, through love, the complete diversity of expression. Only through the complete spectrum of contrast can the ultimate understanding of love evolve. It is how the cycle of love works. Only through loving allowance can the cycle begin in love and end in love. Everything in between is the ultimate depth of love that allows such a breadth of contrast that ultimately leads back to the full and complete understanding of the vastness of loving allowance. This is the reason for contrast. This is the reason everything has a cycle.

Complete loving allowance can only come from embracing the role that contrast plays in the evolution of all of life. Contrast is the tool that puts all things into perspective. It is what leads us to the understanding of loving allowance. When we come from a place of loving allowance, we no longer judge or criticize ourselves or others. When each of us becomes centered in loving allowance, we raise our vibration and begin to raise the vibration of all those around us. We become the light of love moving all of humanity toward the completion of the cycle of evolution and understanding of ultimate love. Love without restrictions, without boundaries, is the only way that the full spectrum of love can be understood, and this is the meaning of loving allowance. •