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Yeshua’s Healing Work

Yeshua’s Healing Work Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

In the lifetime you shared with Yeshua, what did you witness or experience of his healing of others?

Healing was a way that Yeshua could reach the people of the time. Because of the level of consciousness and opening in the people, healing was a way he used to find the crack in the world and show people something that spoke to them directly of God.

It is not that Yeshua came to heal per se. Healing was a method. Yeshua came to connect people with God. He came to connect Earth with God, altogether. Healing was one of the strongest pathways to do this. Seeing what they viewed as a miracle was a way for people to open their souls to God. They could feel God’s work through that miracle. So healing was his tool for bringing his knowledge of God — knowledge in the entire sense, not simply the mind sense — to the people of
that time.

If he were to do that now, it might not seem so miraculous as it did at that time. There are now many who have healing abilities and practice many healing forms, but it was a very different time back then. People were at a different level of development. Now it is not healing that tends to be the primary vehicle of connection with God for the masses. People are available on very different levels. They’re available to connect to God much more directly and to know God more through their own pathways. So it was different because of that.