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Nine Tools for Peace, Harmony, and Joy

Nine Tools for Peace, Harmony, and Joy Xenanthium through Hugh Campbell

Timing is a universal tool of synchronization. Timing is the moment when multiple streams of consciousness come into alignment. It is the meter that steps different events forward until they can come into alignment. The meter of timing shifts for different streams of consciousness, causing some to slow down and others to speed up until they become synchronized and then come into alignment. That is why different people feel time’s passage as either slow or fast.

On a planetary level, time is speeding up, moving humanity as a whole to a new level of synchronization. Some will move faster than others, but those who do not align with the basic shift in timing will find other ways to leave the planet. Those who keep up and accelerate will find a new level of understanding and peace. The planet is changing, and the changes will manifest in new growth and beauty in some areas and destruction in other areas due to entrenched beliefs. It is a time for those who understand to hold out their hands to those who need help understanding. Those who are left on the planet will be the true leaders who desire change.

Thought transcends and permeates all of reality. Thought is what transforms the endless sea of energy into form. The sea of energy exists solely to be transformed by the subtle energy of thought. The only thing it takes to transform energy into form with thought energy is to flow with it. It is the synchronicity of our soul energy and thought that allows the required amount of energy to effortlessly separate from the whole and be manifested. Flowing with all of life is flowing with the energy of life, which allows us to direct it into form. We are all a part of creation and are given the gift of manifestation. All we need to do is to remember!