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Transform into Divine Consciousness

Transform into Divine Consciousness Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters through Star Hinman

There are many levels of information and what we consider to be truth. There is the truth delivered to us by our five senses of the physical body, and then there is the higher spiritual truth that is everlasting and eternal. There is also the “truth” made up of what is commonly believed on Earth at this time in our evolutionary process.

When we depend on our five senses or what people tell us is the truth about a situation in our lives, we get only half the picture. We only accept half the help and divine assistance that is available to us once we broaden our horizons and open our minds to receive more. For example, when we accept only what we think is possible in a given situation, we do not bring in the levels of divine power, truth, and assistance that can work miracles in
our lives.

When Jeshua saw the lame man lying by the healing pool, he didn’t say, “Oh, that poor man! He is too lame to ever be the first one into the water and receive healing.” Instead, he chose to focus on the higher truth of the spiritual realms. He told the man that he was able to get up and walk. He didn’t say, “Maybe this will happen tomorrow if your belief is strong enough.” He said, “Arise and walk now.” This is a perfect example of our ability to choose which version of truth or reality we want to empower through our beliefs and the focus of our consciousnesses. Each day, we all have opportunities to decide which version of truth we are going to accept and manifest into our life experiences. Our consciousness is powerful beyond our knowing when we connect with the divinity within us, just as Jeshua did. The power of divine truth is immediately present and acts in our lives when we open the doors in our hearts, minds, and emotions and allow ourselves to believe — and then the miracles happen!