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You Are Here to Experience, Not to Know

You Are Here to Experience, Not to Know Linda Abrams

Everyone would like to know what is going to happen next, but is that always a good idea? Part of what life in these bodies is all about is the mystery — not knowing the end of the movie we watch or the book we read. Yet our insecure selves become frightened when they do not know how things will turn out. “Am I going to get the job I desire, the home of my dreams, or the right person to spend the rest of my life with?” Then there are the day-to-day things that we get upset about because we do not know how they will work out. We worry about our mates, children, siblings, aging parents, mortgages, and finances. “What will life be like tomorrow?”

So here we are in a time of great change, and people want to know what is going to happen next. What are the predictions for 2016 and beyond? “Why?” is the question I have for all of you who wonder and worry.

We are divinity in these physical human bodies having a human experience. That’s right experience. We came to experience all of the senses and the emotions. It’s one thing to know something, and it’s another thing to experience it. That is one of the reasons we came here in the first place. It’s only our judgment of right and wrong and good and bad that creates our emotional discord. Every experience is just that, an opportunity to check it all out. If what you are experiencing doesn’t fit your idea of joy, then the simple thing to do is not do it again or believe in that kind of an outcome.