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Loving Energies Bring New Opportunities

Egyptian Cat Archetypes
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Solar heart energies that communicate and express passion for all beings and Earth itself are empowered throughout January 2017 as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies align in partnership, support, and nurturance of each other.

First Contact with Perfect Love

Carol Sydney

I was contacted by a group who called themselves the Community in early May 2016. They are a telepathic group of beings from a quadrant in the multiverse humanity has yet to even imagine exists.

Achieve Compassion through Self-Love

Virginia Ellen

Self-love will give you everything you’ve ever wanted. It will give you self-worth, confidence, inner strength, and integrity with the ability to deeply and purely love others.

Discover the Divinity Within


There comes a moment in the midst of a spiritual journey when something simply shifts.

Become Centered in Your Life Plan

Hugh Campbell

When we become centered in our lives, anything that we do is done in happiness. We created this life to bring specific learning experiences to us.

How We Create Parallel Realities

The Giants of Prutbar

It has been said that the giants are an evolved version of the human race, but this is not so. We did not come from humankind. We are a different species entirely. It is true that, like other races with a strong etheric connection, we see clearer and therefore make fewer mistakes.

Resurrect the Realms of Magic

Fairy Realms of Plihar

In the realm of Plihar, we have long believed that we are the custodians of the earthly garden and its magical creatures. We have waited long for the gods to arrive and walk with glad hearts among the beauty and magic we have created.

Human Intervention Can Help Rebalance Earth

Juliano and the Arcturians
David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians! You can improve your abilities to work with Earth’s feedback loop system. It is perhaps surprising to some that Earth’s energy system operates under somewhat similar circumstances as a human being’s system.

All Are One

Mahatma Gandhi
Blue Turtle

Beloved sisters and brothers, your hands are defiantly strong. You have worked hard all your lives, lifting yourselves and your families out of the pain, sorrow, and struggle to create new life. Against insurmountable odds, you have moved mountains through unified strength and courage.

Now Is a Bountiful Time to Challenge Dysfunctional Patterns

Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde
Blue Turtle

Beloved children of the Creator, Eagle is sailing on the prevailing cooling winds through the canyons and valleys of Mesa Verde. She flies closer to the ground as the mice and small animals find less food and look for winter shelter.


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