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How We Create Parallel Realities

How We Create Parallel Realities The Giants of Prutbar through Almine

It has been said that the giants are an evolved version of the human race, but this is not so. We did not come from humankind. We are a different species entirely. It is true that, like other races with a strong etheric connection, we see clearer and therefore make fewer mistakes. But is this evolution? Humanity affects cosmic life most profoundly and has the most power available, though you have not learned to access it.

Humanity’s power has created parallel realities, or alternate universes. Whenever you wonder (or wishfully dream about) how a different set of circumstances would change your life, you abandon your reality. This creates parallel timelines. Very few humans focus their intent on what they have in the moment, and this mindset creates alternate realities. With gratitude, acknowledge that whatever your lot in life, it is exactly right for you and perfect for your unfolding story. Close down futures of tyrants and shadows for the sake of all the kingdoms. Place your attention on the here and now, and you will flourish.