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Achieve Compassion through Self-Love

Achieve Compassion through Self-Love Virginia Ellen

Self-love will give you everything you’ve ever wanted. It will give you self-worth, confidence, inner strength, and integrity with the ability to deeply and purely love others.

You will no longer feel lonely, lost, depressed, weak, or helpless. Those moments of feeling overwhelmed will suddenly be filled with a sense of knowing and confidence. You will be able to handle the stress of life’s challenges without falling apart. Grace and faith will flow through you as you walk through the storm.

Competition or jealousy comes from feeling less than another. When you truly love yourself, you know who you are and no longer compare yourself to others. You live in joy as you easily admire and acknowledge the greatness of another. This happens because you know the greatness you are. You acknowledge and admire yourself, and you no longer need anyone to tell you of your greatness. This is being whole and complete.