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First Contact with Perfect Love

First Contact with Perfect Love Carol Sydney

I was contacted by a group who called themselves the Community in early May 2016. They are a telepathic group of beings from a quadrant in the multiverse humanity has yet to even imagine exists. Their first contact with me came through a giant crystal array in a place unknown to me, yet I could see the images clearly.

As I watched the crystals in my inner vision, I saw and felt the Community’s presence moving into them. I watched as the array changed from colorless to a medium shade of blue that similar to Earth’s sky. When our energies met in the crystals, I understood they saw me as an equally transparent being colored as white energy. I believe I was shown the crystals with a blue color converging over it not to instruct me but to share with me how the connection happens. We did not meet with one another but engaged in a mutual sharing I will call interpenetration.

The Community exists in a perpetual state of oneness and bliss along a nonlinear continuum. They do not have the illusion of time we have created and are not limited by space as we are. Their bliss arises out of a complete and total surrender of conditions, the only result possible being unrestrained joy.