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All Are One

All Are One Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

Beloved sisters and brothers, your hands are defiantly strong. You have worked hard all your lives, lifting yourselves and your families out of the pain, sorrow, and struggle to create new life. Against insurmountable odds, you have moved mountains through unified strength and courage. Take a good, hard look at yourself and what you have accomplished.

These trying times move in cycles. Drought and hunger make way for abundance and full bellies. You can turn things around with creative solutions. Prejudice and racism move in cycles, surfacing in your lives as you once again need to address them.

When you look into the eyes of your neighbor, can you see how beautiful, wise, and fruitful she is and perceive all that you share in common? Can you take your coworker in your arms and hug him, fully embracing him in his beauty and joy through your heart? Can you acknowledge your despised enemy through your vision of unconditional love?